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Services and warehousing in the centre of Geneva


Individual compartments and strong rooms (Geneva city centre)

Removals - DGM Véron Grauer SA - GenevaWe offer options for furniture warehousing in traditional storage situated in the city centre, with secure compartments for each client. Within this storage facility, we can store archives and items of value in strong rooms that are approved by insurance companies, We also have air-conditioned premises at our disposal. 


Containers and crates (Vernier)


Storage - DGM Véron Grauer SA - GenevaWe also offer furniture warehousing in our standard metal containers (volume 32 m3) and in crates (6, 8, 12 m3) parked in a covered warehouse. In the industrial area of Geneva, we have at our disposal huge secure warehouses for warehousing cars and a wide range of belongings. All our depots and storage facilities are completely protected by anti-theft alarm systems and fire alarms.