Removal and logistics services

Totally secure transport of your goods and valuables by DGM Véron Grauer

Local, national and international removals

Transport and consignments by road, air and sea

Storage, crates and packing service

Services and warehousing in the centre of Geneva


Optimum protection for your belongings

Our packers make sure that every piece of packing offers optimum protection for the belongings which you have entrusted to us. We have at our disposal a complete range of different packing materials and also offer crates  made entirely by us in our own carpentry shop.

We regularly work for galleries and collectors ; our packers make up special packings for objets d'art : paintings, statues, precious pieces of furniture.

                      Packing - DGM Véron Grauer SA - Vernier  Packing - DGM Véron Grauer SA - Vernier