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Totally secure transport of your goods and valuables by DGM Véron Grauer

Local, national and international removals

Transport and consignments by road, air and sea

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Bespoke construction of crates

Crates - DGM Véron Grauer SA - GenevaWe make bespoke crates for private individuals as well as for businesses. All our crates conform to the  NIMP 15 standard.  

90 195 HT - DB : DGM Veron Grauer S.A.'s approval number for the construction of wooden packing materials subjected to heat treatment (HT), established by the Federal Office of the Environment, Forests and Countryside in Berne.

Crates - DGM Véron Grauer SA - GenevaCrates - DGM Véron Grauer SA - GenevaCrates - DGM Véron Grauer SA - Geneva